Malaysia is a land of rich culture and history. There are many races and communities who live harmoniously among one another and with the many decades of history dating back to the Malacca Sultanate during the 16th century, this is also where you will be able to find a lot of antiques and old items still harbouring around the country.

If you are an antique collector or one who loves to collect antiques, there are many choices where you can find real gems and such. Be careful of markets that call themselves antique markets and claiming that they are selling these items where you might be wasting your time browsing through only ‘old items.

If you haven’t already know, not all ‘old items and things’ are considered as antiques. Usually antiques are about 100 years old and they are of a certain value. In fact, some of the items are also known to be very valuable and could command up to thousands or millions of ringgit.

Antique Shops in Malaysia

There are specially dedicated antique shops located around the country and most particularly in Penang and Malacca as they are very popular and historical states. Where this is concerned, Georgetown and Malacca are both World Heritage Cities which means that tourists come here for its historical flavour and attractions.

This means that you will surely find a lot of shops that sell antiques and such around the major attractions of both the states. In Penang, there are many antique shops located around Georgetown while Jonker Street in Malacca is extremely popular among antique-hunters. This is where you will find an array of shops that sell almost everything which is old ranging from pre-war furniture to Chinese vases, old Coca-Cola trays to decorative items and even clothing and sculptures as well.

In the Klang Valley, there are several places where antiques can be found. The most popular place to browse for these items is at Amcorp Mall where the weekend flea market comes alive on Fridays to Sundays. Makeshift stalls are set up and people from all walks of life will come to display all the old items they have.

Antiques in Amcorp Mall Flea Market

At the Amcorp Mall Flea Market, you will be able to find a lot of interesting items like old vinyl records, gramophone, old record players, key chains, coins, notes, photographs and many more, all of which are from the personal collection of the sellers. This means that the pricing of these items are up to the bargaining skills of the buyers and are determined solely by the sellers in Amcorp Mall Flea Market.

Other places around the Klang Valley known for antiques are around Chinatown in Petaling Street. This is where you will find several shops that put out countless items that have been collected for years.

To ensure that you do not overpay for these items, it is essential that you are aware of the market price of such items before venturing out to buy them. A little market research would allow you to grasp the price value of a certain antique which will then enable you to gauge the actual value of the item.

What is an antique?

What is an antique? Have you been looking around your home and find that there are actually a lot of ‘old things’ lying around that could be classified as antiques? You will surely be questioning if the old furniture in your house that has been left for generations might be worth millions of ringgit, or that old grandfather clock that has been faithfully ticking for decades could be worth at least thousands?

The truth is, you might be right and you might be wrong. An antique is defined as an old collectable item. This means that it is basically an item that has value and is known to be so because of its age. Other elements that an item becomes desirable include it being rare, aesthetics or beauty, its condition and other unique features like being one-of-its-kind, limited editions and such.

Only look for rare antiques

In certain cases, items are considered antiques if they are at least 100 years old. However, as such items have become extremely rare today, there are also some which are considered antiques despite not being this old.

Hence, it is very common that you will find items like furniture, crafts, vehicles and most prominently art which are considered as antiques and usually fetch prices of thousands and even millions of ringgit.

Malaysia is best place to look for various types of antiques

As Malaysia is a very culturally diverse and traditionally rich country, you will find that there are many items that have been passed down through generations and are still very much sought after by collectors today. This include old Peranakan furniture and tableware, paintings and sculptures by early generations of artists, vehicles and in some cases, even old cars like the 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle are also considered as antiques.

It is important that you are aware of what an antique is before buying or selling any. Take note that not everything which is old is an antique. A car which is old is considered as a piece of junk but if you own a classic car like the Cadillac or the old Morris Minor which can still function, then you truly have a gem in your collection.

Hand made antiques rather than mass produced antiques

Most people do not sell off these antiques because of sentimental value and because they are usually no longer in production, which makes them all the more limited. Like art, the value of most antiques are often defined by the degree of craftsmanship that they were made. If an item has been manufactured, they become the same as every other one which makes it less valuable.

However, if an item was hand-made and was specifically crafted for a certain event or reason, it becomes much more valuable than the others. Cars and vehicles which are very old are antiques because they are no longer in production. Apart from that, there are also other items of which they were made only for a specific reason like a commemorative version or model and such.

If the item is still very much functional, then it would be extremely valuable although the buyer might not be using it much. But if the item is not, then it would command a lesser price as it would only be used for decorative and collection purposes.