Clocks can sometimes be coined together with watches when it comes to collecting these rare antiques. Typically, clocks differ from watches in terms of size and to a certain extent, functionality although both objects tell the time.

Clocks are referred to as larger objects that tell the time and the most common antique that you will always come across are grandfather clocks although there are some that refer them through towers and buildings.

Most clocks use the clockwork mechanism to measure and tell the time and it is one of the most easily found antiques around. There are very few one-of-its-kind clocks as most are usually reproduced. Hence, the fact that you can find a lot of antique clocks make it a popular hobby among antique collectors.

Collecting antique clocks involve several ways and among them are those who collect based on the period like the 18th century or the 19th century while there are also some who collect clocks based on the manufacturers where in this case it could be the likes of Ansonia or Seth Thomas.

Apart from that, there are also collectors who are interested in unique clocks that were designed for specific reasons. This could include those that came with popular characters like Disney Mickey Mouse while there are also some that were made with advertisements like soft drink brand Coca-Cola and such.

Other ways of collecting clocks include accumulating those that are rare in their shapes and sizes. The cuckoo clocks are known for its unique mechanism and if you collect antique clocks, you pretty much have a specific design or style that was popular in a certain era. This is often seen as a similar way of identifying the antique the way you do with furniture.

In this context, you will find that it is very common for collectors to look for a certain clock that was made during a specific time the way the furniture was made. One of the biggest challenges in collecting antique clocks is to find those that are still functional as wear and tear would cuase the springs or mechanisms to deteriorate.

Hence, you will need to find an expert to repair the clocks if they are no longer functional where you will find that there are actually collectors who are actually very well versed with.
Due to the high demand and supply of antique clocks, you will find that there are many antique dealers who are heavily involved with these items and hence, international and established auction houses like Christies? Bonham and Sotheby are constantly holding clock auctions throughout the year.

When it comes to clocks, the most common ones that are talked about and preferred by antique collectors are wall clocks such as grandfather clocks which are hugely popular as they are known to run for decades through their very dependable mechanisms.
The world most expensive clock ever sold is the Breguet Duc d’OrlEans Sympathique clock which was sold by Sotheby New York in 1999. The clock was made in 1835 by Abraham-Louis Breguet and was auctioned off for $5,777,5005.

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