Jewellery today differs greatly from that of the previous era. While there are still countless unique and one-of-its-kind jewellery being sold and traded, it is those that were used in the past that makes them valuable and very rare.

Essentially, jewellery refers to a form of adornment like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches that are designed and made for decorative purposes. The rarity and limited functions made antique jewellery more valuable than others and are usually made from material which are purely for beauty purposes.

The fact that they are made with the likes of diamonds, gold or silver or any other type of gem stones mean that they are more special than others which would also project its worth. It is common that one wears jewellery as a symbol of status and wealth where in the past, it was very much worn by the rich and famous.

Consequently, collecting antique jewellery can be a hobby or an investment that could come with very lucrative returns. The more unique a design and the rarer the stones are, the more valuable the jewellery will be. There are also known jewellery which has a certain significance importance while there are also some that are connected to royal families and prominent people.

The earliest form of jewellery that existed were made from natural and rare objects like animal teeth, bones and stones while snail shells were also used to make jewellery where they were tied together like how beads are used today. This was discovered in a cave in South Africa Blombos where they were believed to have dated to about 100,000 years back.

Ancient Egypt would obviously be a time when jewellery were used when amulets and talismans were used through the beautiful era some 5000 years ago. It was also during this era that gold started to gain prominence when it was the most favoured metal among all.

Around this period, China too had its own jewellery industry where silver was used instead of gold. However, jade were regarded as the most valuable stone in China then, a sentiment that is still very evident today. Therefore, it is common that you will come across jade jewellery from China which have been passed down for generations and is still very much sought after.

As time passes, functionality in jewellery grew in importance where Roman jewellery is known to be made as so. The Renaissance period saw the demand for more elaborated designs while costume jewellery came about around the start of the 18th century.

During the 19th century jewellery became more prominent and it was this time that 3 of the most renowned jewellery houses were established. They are Tiffany & Co, Cartier SA and Bvlgari which still exist until today.
On record, the most expensive piece of jewellery ever sold is the fancy intense pink diamond ring which came with a 24.78 carat design. According to the Gemological Institute of America, the jewellery is a Fancy Intense Pink, Natural Colour, VVS2 Clarity which was then sold for $45 million.

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