Although collecting toys might not be often being associated with antiques but they are actually one of the prominent areas. Toys are typically objects that are obtained and played with and are often associated with kids and the younger generation. However, toys can also be used by adults and most particularly among antique collectors.

The earliest toys that were recorded in history existed during the Ancient Egyptians time when they created the Senet, which was also believed to be the earliest form of board game. There were no records on how the game was played which was found in burial tombs from the Predynastic era known to have existed about 3000 years BC.

Today, toys can be referred to like dolls, board games and such. In fact, dolls have existed as long ago as 2000BC where they were found in Egyptian tombs that were made from wood and wooden beads. Other toys that existed in the eras after that include ball games used in Ancient Greece, clay dolls and hoops during the Ancient Roman times and such.

During the 16th century, the wooden doll was still a popular toy among the children and it was only when the Industrial Revolution came about that toys enjoyed more prominence as they were mass produced and became more affordable and accessible.

The first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1767 and when the 19th century came about, different types of toys were made. This include dolls that were made using wood and porcelain, toy soldiers while model shops were growing as well. Other toys that grew in popularity throughout this era include model trains, skipping ropes and marbles.

With the invention of plasticine and more sophisticated technology, toys became more popular especially with merchandising and movie tie-ins. Children today are exposed to a wide variety of toys that could emulate the characters they watch on TV and in movies.

The Tamagotchi, which was invented in 1996 became a worldwide success and today, toys can be categorized in many ways. There are action figures, beanie babies, board games, models, teddy bards, toy cars and models, as well as trading cards. Apart from that, the more modern type of toys includes digital games like Playstation, Wii and many others.
Among the most expensive toys that were recorded is the Diamond Barbie which was co-designed by De Beers and had 160 diamonds on its gown. It was created in 1999 and was made for the 40th Anniversary commemoration.

One of the first and original version of the Matchbox Car was sold for only 48 cents when it was first made and today, the sea-green 1966 Opel Diplomat sedan model is known to be worth about $9,000.

The world’s most expensive Teddy Bears is worth $193,000 which was made to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the icon where it was made with solid gold on its mouth while the eyes were designed with diamonds and sapphires.

Meanwhile, the Darth Vader fighting helmet that was used in The Star Wars Empire Strikes Back is also one of the most expensive toys in the world today.

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