Typewriters, if you haven’t already know is one of the most special devices that was created and changed the world forever. Where this is concerned, several school of thoughts believed that the typewriter is the predecessor of the modern computer where it enabled the industry of writing and publishing to flourish.

Typewriters are the devices that are very mechanical where it adopts a stamping method to imprint characters onto a paper through the pressing of a button. The oldest typewriter dates back all the way to the 1870s although there were other earlier attempts that did not make it to the commercial line.

Collecting antique typewriters can be very challenging exercise because they are very rare today and even if you find one, they are usually no longer functional. Remington, which is one of the most popular and renowned typewriter brands made the first typewriter then. If you are venturing into this collection, you will find that there are many ways to do so.

The most common way of collecting antique typewriters is by their brands because each brand would have a different mechanism. Being a highly mechanical device, typewriters are known to be able to last for many decades as long as they are well kept and maintained.

The challenge in collecting antique typewriters is in finding someone who knows how to repair them. The other challenge is that typewriters come in very unusually shapes and sizes where they are best kept in their respective boxes.

The reason why the Remington typewriters are so popular is because they were used by renowned writers and authors like Mark Twain who used this device to complete his first book manuscript. He called it the New-fangled writing-machine?and Remington would continue to churn out more models including the No.2 which was enhanced.

Other brands that were involved in the manufacturing of typewriters include the likes of Caligraph and Blickensderfer which existed between 1880 and 1910 although they are inferior to the popularity of the Remington. Underwood is perhaps one of the major brands with countless of their models still remain until today.
When Underwood produced the No.5, it became a huge success where today, it is considered as a legend in its own accord. It would continue to build the No.5 for the next 30 years and rolled out millions of the model.

The reason why the No.5 Underwood is so popular was because with the ribbon selector, tabular, back-spacer and others, this model became the platform that would determine all the future models and typing behaviour of the owner.
Pricing of such antiques depend on the obscurity and the rarity of the models. The more complete your item is, the more valuable it would be. Condition too play an important role and if you have the ribbons and the manual intact, it would surely be a gem. One of the most significant antique typewriter would be the Ford model with ornate copper decor which dates back to 1895 and is worth about $13,000 while the Fox No. 4 with original case is said to worth around $400.

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