Watches are known to worth a lot of money if you know where to look and what to buy. Brands like Bell & Ross and such are known to worth thousands depending on the year and the model. Typically, a watch is referred to as a small and portable timepiece that is usually worn on the wrist that tells the time.

Other types of watches include those that are carried in the pocket or those that are attached to a chain and then tied to the clothing which are more common among the older and antique timepieces. Collecting watches and antique timepieces is one of the most lucrative exercises although they are also known to be quite an expensive hobby.

Ever heard of Horology?

The study of watches is known as horology and horologists are typically the experts in this field. Most if not all of the collectors would usually accumulate watchers based on the manufacturers where the most common ones are the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe as well as Vacheron Constantin.

The making of watches became prominent after the mainspring was invented and this was around the 1500s and this was very much accredited to Peter Henlein and it was then that the first watches which were larger in size were made. It would then be made to be more portable where they could be fastened to a chain and then worn as jewellery before decorative watches came about in the early 17th century.

History of watches

England enjoyed unornamented watches around 1652 due to the rising of the Puritan movement and when the balance spring was invented in 1657, the minute hand was added and more people were wearing watches. Europe would then start to gain popularity with watches after that and then pendants were the dominant of wearing watches.

Watches by the likes Jean Baptiste Dutertre, Josiah Emery and Thomas Tompion which were more accurate came about around the 18th century and until the mid 19th century watches were mainly made by hand. It was only in 1854 when the Waltham Watch Company was established and mass-produced watches that changed the industry forever.

World’s most expensive watches

Patek Philippe made the first wristwatch in 1868 which were then used by women and when the war came about, it was worn by soldiers for its convenient and practicality. Battery powered watches came about in 1952 and then in 1969, the quartz crystal revolutionize the watch industry.
Today, brands like Patek Philippe, Piaget and most notably Rolex remains as some of the most prominent and expensive watches while other brands like TAG Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Brietling are known for their prestige and status.

The most expensive watch ever sold is The Henry Graves Patek Phillipe Supercomplication which had an illustrious history behind it. it was made in 1928 and took 4 years to complete. The watch was made to be the most complicated watch in the world. It was sold in 1999 by SothebyŠŐ» for a reported $11million. Other notable watches include the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon which was auctioned off by Christie’s for $5.6million.

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