Chinese ceramic wares and antiques are some of the most common types of antiques that you will come across in your collection. You will find that there are actually quite a lot of difference and types of ceramic wares from China which is very popular among antique collectors.

In fact, Chinese ceramic is one of the most significant forms of art from China throughout history where it dates back to the Palaeolithic era. Chinese ceramic is commonly referred to as porcelain while in the English Language, China is also referred to as porcelain objects.

The first porcelain has various theories behind it and there is no definitive answer as to when it was made. Among the more popular theories of the origins of porcelain include that of the Eastern Han period that existed around 100 to 200 AD, the Three Kingdoms era that existed from 220 to 280 AD, the 6 Dynasties period ranging from 220AD to 589AD as well as the Tang Dynasty that existed from 618 to 906AD.
However, recent reports showed that pottery actually existed in China as far back as 18000 years ago in Southern China in Yuchanyan Caves. The Han Dynasty, which existed from 202 BC to 220 AD has perhaps the strongest evidence of the earliest true porcelain where shards were recovered along the Eastern Han kiln sites.

During the Song and Yuan dynasties, the city of Jingde Zhen became a major production place and by 1004, it was a hub where Imperial porcelain was made. Meanwhile the period of the Ming Dynasty saw Chinese ceramic enjoying huge popularity where new techniques and designs were derived.

There were certain Islamic metalwork that came to China during the Yongle Emperor who was extremely curious with the design from other countries. It was also around this dynasty that porcelain and porcelain making were exported to other parts of the world, drawing pottery to a whole new level.

The Qing dynasty existed from 1644 to 1911 and it was during this time that manufacturing of porcelain was most prominent.

Among the common known porcelain antiques from China include the Sancai Horse from the Tang Dynasty. The Jian tea wares which are dominantly black in colour were most popular during the Song Dynasty. Ding ware was also very popular during this era and it was the first type to have been inducted into the official imperial use and was then the finest porcelain made in Northern China then.

Other types of porcelain object that were popular during this era include the likes of Jun Ware, Qingbai wares and Guan wares respectively. During the Kangxi period, blue and white porcelain was most popular and this is where you will still find a lot of this heritage having being passed down for generations while some are still very much in production.

A unique type of Chinese porcelain is the Blanc de Chine which essentially is a type of white porcelain and was most prominent during the Ming Dynasty where a lot of them were shipped to Europe then.

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