Art like paintings and sculptures are perhaps one of the most widely collected antiques today. This is because unlike other types of antiques like tableware or books, they are usually very unique and original which means that you can only find one piece of the artwork.

Furniture antiques might have reproductions although the single made ones are worth millions while paintings and sculptures do not because reproductions are usually not worth much. Art in this context refers to the likes of any art form which apart from paintings and sculptures also encompasses the likes of photography, film, music and literature among others.

Collecting antique art is a very costly affair and today, it is estimated that there are more than 1 million serious art collectors in this discipline which dates back to the early beginnings of civilisation.

Since then, there has been several art movements and era that came about thereby influencing the art industry as a whole. The earlier form of art that was discovered were the cave carvings and this was discovered in France’s Chauvet with the paintings dating back from as far back as 32,000 years ago.

Artistic styles can be very subjective and they differ between the civilisations that existed throughout history. Ranging from religious images to emotional expressions, each period had a distinctive style that came with it thereby developing a certain movement in the arts.
Medieval art is regarded as one of the earliest movements and this came about around 200 to 1430 AD where there are the likes of Early Christian art, Mosan, Romanesque and Gothic Art. from 1300 to 1602, Renaissance art existed and this was when the dominate art form included Classicism and Italian Renaissance art.

After that, it was the Mannerism and Neoclassicism movements before romanticism came about. From 1900 onwards, modern art was dominant that include the likes of photography, realism and the Norwich art movements. This was the time when countless movements existed which saw the emergence of schools like Surrealism, Russian Avant-Garde, Symbolism, Pointillism and the widely popular Pop Art.

Anything after the 1960s were coined into the Contemporary Art bracket and this is where you will find the likes of Graffiti, Postmodernism, Neo-expressionism and Deconstructionism.

The most famous artwork that existed and is still regarded as so is ‘The Mona Lisa’ by the old master Leonardo da Vinci which in 1962 was insured for $100 million which in today’s environment would be adjusted to about $700million. As it is no longer for sale, there is no exact figure to gauge the price of this precious painting.

Meanwhile, the record for the most expensive artwork sold is ‘The Walking Man’ by Alberto Giacometti which was auctioned off by London’s Sotheby’s for £65million. Before this, the 1905 painting ‘Garçon à la Pipe’ by Pablo Picasso was sold for £58million.

Another record for antique art is the ‘No.5, 1948’ by renowned master artist Jackson Pollock where it is the most expensive artwork privately sold by record producer David Geffen which was believed to have fetched a price of up to $140million to an anonymous buyer.