Top 10 Most Expensive Antiques Ever Sold in the World

If you have a collection of antiques and believe that they are worth a lot money, then you would be interested to learn about the 10 most expensive antiques ever sold in the world today. While your antiques might not be worth a fraction of any of the 10, there might be a relation somewhere […]

Tips for buying Chinese antiques

If you are or have been embarking onto a collection of Chinese antiques, then there are certain elements that you must take note of. This is very important because while Chinese porcelain items can be very aesthetically pleasing and valuable, there are also reproductions and fakes which would be worthless to your collection. Hence, knowing […]

The most expensive Malaysian Coins ever sold!

A lot of Malaysians were not aware the value of Malaysian coins until recently when news that certain 50 sen coins fetched tens of thousands of Ringgit. Among them include a 10 sen coin produced in 1971 that went to thousands. Did you know that the most expensive Malaysian coin was sold recently which came […]

Philatelic Society of Malaysia

In Malaysia, the stamp collecting hobby and industry is managed through the PSM or Philatelic Society of Malaysia. It was first established in 1947 when it was known as the Selangor Stamp Club (SSC) by the late Dr. A.R.Kandiah. 3 years later, it would organize its first exhibition and through this society, philately became more […]

Banknote Collection – Numismatics

One of the oldest hobbies which is widely considered as a form of antique is banknote collection. Known also as currency collection, it also goes with the name Numismatics which essentially is the study or the collection of currency from around the world. This involves all types of currencies and denominations like coins and banknotes […]

Collecting Art Antiques

Art like paintings and sculptures are perhaps one of the most widely collected antiques today. This is because unlike other types of antiques like tableware or books, they are usually very unique and original which means that you can only find one piece of the artwork. Furniture antiques might have reproductions although the single made […]

Where to research about your antiques?

For starters, you must know that every item has a story behind it. This means that if you own an old telephone or an old vase which you have inherited from your ancestors, there would be a story or an origin of where it was made and why it was made. Where then could you […]

When is an Antiques just Junk?

The definition of an antique can be very tricky at times and this is because many of us would have a lot of old items in our homes which we would like to call them so. While most items above 100 years old are considered as antiques, not everything is as valuable as you think […]

Tips on maintaining antiques and keeping its value

The laws of wear and tear tells you that anything in this world will deteriorate as time passes by. While you might have antiques that have been well-kept and preserved for years, they will come to spoil even if you do not use them for a while. In fact, some items are known to spoil […]

Preserving Your Paper Antiques

One of the most significant items about antique collection are paper based objects. This include books, paintings, journals, magazines and others. It is one of the easiest items to collect because they are symmetrical in size and easy to store. However, if you are dealing with books and publications, then there is a need for […]