One of the most significant items about antique collection are paper based objects. This include books, paintings, journals, magazines and others. It is one of the easiest items to collect because they are symmetrical in size and easy to store.

However, if you are dealing with books and publications, then there is a need for you to know how to actually preserve them because you do not want a torn book or any damaged item in your collection. In fact, the preservation of paper-base items require quite an extensive knowledge and experience so that they are well-stored and kept.

To know what paper-based antiques are, you must be aware of what to expect. Antique prints, maps, books and magazines are the most common items while you could also have some paintings or sketches that would be very valuable.

To keep paper-based antiques, you need an appropriate environment. First and foremost, the environment must be clean and hygienic. Essentially, it must dry and is away from water because it is the very element that will destroy paper very easily.

Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the environment is extremely important because it can neither be too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. A consistent environment will be ideal and there are certain antique collectors who install systems that control the temperature and humidity of the storage space in order to keep the paper-based antiques properly.

The lighting is another aspect that you must consider when storing these items. Ensure that there are minimal exposure to light because extreme rays will damage paintings as well as causing fades and changes to the images or the text on a surface. This is the very reason why you are not allowed to use flash lights on cameras when taking photos of paintings in museums and galleries.

When handling the paper, ensure that your hands are clean and dry. Use gloves where possible and in certain cases, the paper is so delicate that you should actually use special tools like tweezers and such to handle the item.

Most importantly, if an item is very delicate and special, then you should keep it in a vacuum box in which it will be free from insects and bugs. When possible, keep the books in an upright position and not leaned down because it would exert pressure on the lower pages which will deteriorate the condition overtime.

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