The Stockholms Auktionsverk is one of the few internationally recognized antique and art auctioneer. It remains as the world’s oldest auction house where it was founded in 1674, many years before the likes of Christie’s and Sotheby’s came about.

The company is essentially Swedish where it means Stockholm Auction House and it was founded by Baron Claes Ralamb who was the governor here then. Having lasted for more than 300 years, the Stockholms Acktionsverk has auctioned off countless items and objects in various movements and lasted through many generations of royal families and empires.

Among the notable leaders and figures who have bought through Stockholms Auktionsverk include King Karl XI, Carl Michael Bellman, August Strindberg and King Gustav III. Throughout the years, Stockholms Auktionsverk have undertaken the responsibility to auction items and antiques though eras like the Rococo, Gustavian and Baroque, among others.

Locally, Stockholms Auktionsverk is operates its 2 offices, one in Ostermalm and another in Frihamnen while they have also embarked into the technological method through online auctions. Apart from that, the Stockholms Auktionsverk also operates in Gothenburg and Malmo branches in their network.

Meanwhile, on the international front, Stockholms Auktionsverk has presence in major cities that include Geneva, Hamburg, New York, Brussels, London and Paris. At their Stockholm premises, standard auctions are held every spring and autumn while the Stadsauktion premises are used for online auctions.

Meanwhile, the Nybrogatan and Stadsauktion spaces are also used for special auctions and this is where Stockholms Auktionsverk is very unique. Having been holding books auctions since the 1600s, they are still very much involved in this area and is the only auctioneer to hold them. Apart from that, they also hold a special Drinks Auction, a tradition since 2004 held every season.

As a major player in this industry, Stockholms Auktionsverk is also very involved in the education of the arts and antiques through its establishment of the Antiques School. This is a very special programme where 500 students are given lessons each year on art, antiques, and such.

In 2011, the Stockholms Auktionsverk sold Richard Avedon, ”Dowina with elephants, evening dress by Dior, Cirque d´Hiver, Paris, August 1955?. For SEK3.062 million. The photograph became the most expensive photo sold in Sweden after starting off with an estimated price of SEK 2.5 million. A year before that, Stockholms Auktionsverk sold the masterpiece ‘Sommarnoje’ by Anders Zorn for SEK26million.

The painting, which was painted in 1886 depicted some of the earliest works of Zorn who was 26 years old then and it became the most expensive Swedish painting ever auctioned off.

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