The laws of wear and tear tells you that anything in this world will deteriorate as time passes by. While you might have antiques that have been well-kept and preserved for years, they will come to spoil even if you do not use them for a while. In fact, some items are known to spoil if you do not use them while there are also some which are best kept unused.

However, even if you have an antique that is totally new and unused, there are ways that you must appropriately handle and keep them in order to ensure that they are in mint condition at all times. Because of its rarity, it would attract attention which means that people who sees it would want to look closer.

The easiest and most convenient way to keep the antiques at their best conditions would be to engage a professional antique restorer or collector. This is an essential step if you have antiques which are very delicate where the experts will be able to ensure that all the details and value are well observed.

There is a reason why antiques are stored in basements or some in security vaults. Apart from its value and such, they are also kept away so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. This is a tricky situation when you have antique furniture because you will need a large space to store them if you are not using them.

Most people will keep antique furniture at exposed areas because they are decorative and it is better seen than kept. However, you must be aware that too much exposure to the sunlight means that it will deteriorate the state of the furniture. Furthermore, because they are in places like the living room, these furniture are also very much exposed to long duration of air-conditioning which will have an adverse effect.
If you are preserving antique glassware or ceramics, the best method to handle them is by your hands. Use a lint-free cloth to dust the items and this is one area where you should not use protective gloves but it is extremely important that your hands are clean when doing so. Antique ceramic or glassware are more unique in that they are not so easily deteriorated by sunlight or air humidity.

If you keep antique silverware or metal items, then it is essential to polish them regularly. This means that you should constantly check the conditions of these items and to ensure that their shine are always preserved and no scratches are seen. Handling silverware will require you to wear protective gloves.

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