If you have a collection of antiques and believe that they are worth a lot money, then you would be interested to learn about the 10 most expensive antiques ever sold in the world today. While your antiques might not be worth a fraction of any of the 10, there might be a relation somewhere and you might just have a gem in your collection.

The Harrington Commode was auctioned by Sotheby’s in London and is known to have been done so for more than 4 times. The last price it was auctioned off was almost £4 million making it the tenth most expensive antique ever sold.

The ninth most expensive antique was sold off at £6.4million which was made to depict vegetables, fish and fowl, originally made for Louise XV. Priced at £7.5 million is the Antique Secretary Desk manufactured around 1760 by the Goddard & Townsend Families where there were only 7 to 9 pieces made then. Today, there is only 1 piece left.

The seventh most expensive antique is the Illustrated Folio of the Persian Shah circa 1500s made for the Shah or Persia. This item was auctioned in London in 2011 for £7,643.629 while the sixth most expensive antique is the Emerald & Diamond Tiara Once Belonging to the Wife of French Emperor Napoleon III. It was priced at almost £8 million and was auctioned off by Sotheby in London with the buyer remaining unknown.

The Ming Dynasty Gold Tripod Vessel which is worth £9.3 million is the fifth most expensive antique ever sold which is a very rare piece of vessel with 2 dragons and flaming pearls. At fourth place is the Moonflask in Pink and Blue Enamel with White Porcelain worth £10 million.

The third most expensive antique is the Olyphant which was crafted during the 11th century. This extremely rare item was auctioned off for £10,650,959. The Badminton Cabinet meanwhile used to be the most expensive antique ever sold when it was priced at £19,045,250. Considered as being one of the finest piece of French furniture ever crafted, it involved 30 craftsmen to build it and 6 years to complete in Florence during the Medici era.

The most expensive piece of antique ever sold is the Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase which fetched the price of £53 million. Auctioned off in the UK in 2010, this piece of exquisite vase dates back to around 1740 and its sheer beauty is one of the most beautiful ones ever being crafted.

This Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase is the most expensive antiques ever sold in the world. It was auctioned in the UK around 2010. This most expensive antiques ever sold in the world is believed to date back to sometime around the year of 1740.