Collecting coins in Malaysia and the most expensive coin

Collecting coins is very much like any other type of hobby. It gives you a lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement. In Malaysia, coin collecting is a great hobby because it has been quite a common phenomenon that there are issuing of rare collections every time a significant event comes along. Denominations and versions […]

Collecting stamps in Malaysia. What is the most expensive stamp?

The first stamp in Malaysia was issued more than a century ago. It was in 1901 when the design of a Malayan tiger took the front face of the stamp when it was issued by the Federated Malay States. Does old means most expensive? In stamp collection, the answer is NO!. This is because the […]

Most expensive banknote in Malaysia

Collecting banknotes is very much similar to collecting other antiques. The rarer it is, the more valuable it becomes. This is quite the same with stamps and coins. Malaysia has its long history of currency where it has gone through many revisions of designs and denominations. How to know if they are valuable? Banknotes are […]

Most expensive art in Malaysia

Art in Malaysia is a large industry. Over the past few decades, renowned artists have had their works sold at galleries and auctions raking in the thousands around the region. Although Malaysian art has yet to create an impact in the international scene, it is very highly demanded in the Asian market. Within the Malaysian […]

Chinese ceramic Antiques

Chinese ceramic wares and antiques are some of the most common types of antiques that you will come across in your collection. You will find that there are actually quite a lot of difference and types of ceramic wares from China which is very popular among antique collectors. In fact, Chinese ceramic is one of […]

Antique Watches

Watches are known to worth a lot of money if you know where to look and what to buy. Brands like Bell & Ross and such are known to worth thousands depending on the year and the model. Typically, a watch is referred to as a small and portable timepiece that is usually worn on […]

Antique Typewriters

Typewriters, if you haven’t already know is one of the most special devices that was created and changed the world forever. Where this is concerned, several school of thoughts believed that the typewriter is the predecessor of the modern computer where it enabled the industry of writing and publishing to flourish. Typewriters are the devices […]

Antique Toys

Although collecting toys might not be often being associated with antiques but they are actually one of the prominent areas. Toys are typically objects that are obtained and played with and are often associated with kids and the younger generation. However, toys can also be used by adults and most particularly among antique collectors. The […]

Antique Sculptures

Among some of the most common objects accumulated among antique collectors are sculptures although the more common collectibles are paintings and such. Essentially, a sculpture is referred to as an art form where solid materials are used to create an expression which is more 3-Dimensional and they are highly unique and original. Sculpture is considered […]

Antique Jewellery

Jewellery today differs greatly from that of the previous era. While there are still countless unique and one-of-its-kind jewellery being sold and traded, it is those that were used in the past that makes them valuable and very rare. Essentially, jewellery refers to a form of adornment like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches that are designed […]