The definition of an antique can be very tricky at times and this is because many of us would have a lot of old items in our homes which we would like to call them so. While most items above 100 years old are considered as antiques, not everything is as valuable as you think they might be.

So when an old chair or an old clock would be considered antique, which means you should keep and preserve them or when would it be considered and junk, which means you should seriously consider getting rid of them before you become a serious hoarder?

The rule of thumb here is that an item which is old can be classified as an antique. However, for this item to be of any value, it must have some intricate or unique element to it. If the item is limited or is of limited supply, then it would carry some value with it. This means that the more limited the item is, the more valuable it becomes.

If you have an old grandfather clock which was used during the Japanese Occupation in Malaya, and the clock is still in working order and is no longer in production, then you do have a gem in your collection. On the other hand, if you keep a lot of the ‘Wang Pisang’ which although they are no longer in production but was of no value then and even now, then it is practically worthless.

Furthermore, the ‘Wang Pisang’ is not really a rare item because a lot of families still keep thousands of them in their collection. Perhaps in the distance future, such items might be of some value to them.

An item can also be considered as an antique if it is a collectable. This means that there are certain elements to it that makes it interesting. For example, if you keep an old furniture which was part of a series by some renowned designer in the past, then it would surely fetch an enticing price. Collector items could also include the likes of tableware, the old chicken image Chinese bowls and even a piece of silverware that has been passed down for generations.

Memorabilia is also a common antique item. This follows the rule of limited supply because they are usually one-of-its-kind. If you have a poster signed by the original artist, then it is worth something. Cups, clothes and any other items which have been worn or used by someone famous in the past can be regarded as antiques. Reproductions or replicas are secondary.

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